Influenced by a historical consciousness of the frontier, my work is a commentary on what Frederick Turner considered the restless nervous energy and dominant individualism of America. Using a stark aesthetic sense of emptiness, and isolation, my work examines the parallels of fear in early 21st century American cities and the inherent violence of the early 20th century American west.

Employing these two separate yet coextensive series, my work documents the end of America pushing outward, conquering its own frontier and the beginning of its people pulling inward, retreating into their own minds.  A forward movement from escaping civilization, to escaping the law, to escaping what society has deemed psychologically normal.  These running themes in my work converge as they portray characters living between the boundaries of frontier and civilization, law and lawlessness.


Corey studied illustration at Art Center College of Design and graduated with a BFA in painting at Maryland Institute College of Art.  He currently lives and works in New York City.